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Denmark Net Worth is 36,600 GDP/Capital ($). Denmark (i/E?dE?nmE?rk/; Danish: Danmark, pronounced [E?dI?E?nmE?E?I?] ( listen)), officially the Kingdom of Denmark (Danish: Kongeriget Danmark, [E?kE?A?E. Denmark (i/E?dE?nmE?rk/; Danish: Danmark, pronounced [E?dI?E?nmE?E?I?] ( liste...

Denmark Net Worth is 36,600 GDP/Capital .

Denmark Net Worth is 36,600 GDP/Capital . Denmark ), officially the Kingdom of Denmark ), officially the Kingdom of Denmark ), is a sovereign state in Northern Europe, with two additional overseas constituent countries also forming integral parts of the kingdom; the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic and Greenland in North America. Denmark proper is the southernmost of the Nordic countries, located southwest of Sweden, with which it is connected by the A?resund Bridge, and south of Norway, and bordered to the south by Germany. The country consists of a large peninsula, Jutland, and many islands, most notably Zealand, Funen, Lolland, Falster and Bornholm, as well as hundreds of minor islands often referred to as the Danish Archipelago.
The Kingdom of Denmark is a constitutional monarchy organised in the form of a parliamentary democracy, with its seat of government in the capital city of Copenhagen. The kingdom i...
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University of Akron president headed to Denmark, Cuyahoga Falls to connect Front Street to Metro Parks: Akron news roundup

AKRON, Ohio -- Three Akronites, including University of Akron President Scott Scarborough, are headed to Copenhagen, Denmark, next month, "one of the happiest cities on earth," with a group of civic leaders and the James L. and John S. Knight Foundation.
Posted: August 3, 2015, 12:56 pm

Zenvo ST1 Catches Fire in Denmark: Clarkson Was Right! - Video

During the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, a race organized this weekend in the capital of Denmark, a Zenvo ST1 supercar suddenly caught fire. In this video shot by an amateur from the side of the track, you can see how the blaze originates in the engine ...
Posted: August 3, 2015, 7:45 am

New trend in Denmark: living relatives inscribing their names on gravestones

An increasing number of Danes are choosing to have their names inscribed on the tombstones of their deceased relatives, reports Kristeligt Dagblad. According to Danske Stenhuggerier, a gravestone inscriptions company, the trend first appeared in the 2000s ...
Posted: August 3, 2015, 5:40 am

Refugees should head for Denmark – here are five reasons why

The Danish government is warning refugees not to apply for asylum – but we are not a xenophobic nation, in fact, there are compelling reasons to come here
Posted: August 3, 2015, 7:43 am

U.S. Islamic Cleric Criticizes Ban On Halal And Kosher Animal Slaughter By Denmark

Imam Khalid Latif, an Islamic cleric who is a university Chaplain for New York University and a Chaplain for the NYPD, has criticized the sweeping ban imposed on halal and kosher religious slaughter procedures by the Danish government. Latif said the ban ...
Posted: July 30, 2015, 1:00 am
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