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Don Frye Net Worth is .. Donald "Don" Frye (born November 23, 1965) is an American former mixed martial artist, amateur and professional wrestler and actor. After taking up wrestling in high school, Frye went on to wrestle collegiately at Arizona State University and Oklahoma Sta...

Don Frye Net Worth is .

Don Frye Net Worth is . Donald "Don" Frye is an American former mixed martial artist, amateur and professional wrestler and actor. After taking up wrestling in high school, Frye went on to wrestle collegiately at Arizona State University and Oklahoma State University???Stillwater during the 1980s and also trained in boxing, debuting professionally in 1989. He would then leave the combat sport scene for a number of years, working as a emergency medical technician and firefighter, before turning to the fledgling sport of MMA in 1996. With his background in boxing and wrestling, as well as judo, he was one of the sport's earliest well-rounded fighters and he had instant success, winning the UFC 8 and Ultimate Ultimate 96 tournaments and finishing as runner-up UFC 10 in his first year of competition. Despite his accomplishments, he retired from MMA in 1997 to pursue a career in professional wrestling with New Japan Pro Wrestling and quickly became one of the company's leading heels. After...
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Don Frye Compares Rampage vs. Tito to Mermaids vs. Unicorns

Frye compared Rampage vs. Ortiz to a fictitious bout between mermaids and unicorns: Why don’t we just figure who’s gonna fight between a mermaid and a unicorn? If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen.
Posted: November 6, 2013, 4:00 pm

Don Frye Has Harsh Words for Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson and Dominick Cruz

Don Frye is becoming a PEZ dispenser of spewed punch lines and trash talk. Is it a desperate attempt to bask in some of the mainstream spotlight, or has the gargantuan mustache finally gone to Frye's ...
Posted: May 12, 2012, 5:00 pm

UFC Legend Don Frye Got Real And Of Course Went Full Don Frye In His Reddit AMA

The MMA world knows to bow down and pledge fealty to the mustache of Don Frye, for it is the strongest mustache in all of sports history. It did, after all, carry Don Frye the man through 11 fights ...
Posted: April 5, 2017, 6:22 am

Blog: Don Frye is Not a Fan of Women’s MMA, Drug Testing or Ronda Rousey

Don Frye is one of the longtimers in mixed martial arts. Having fought in the UFC and Pride, having boxed and kickboxed, having acted in movies and TV commercials, having performed in professional ...
Posted: June 1, 2014, 5:00 pm

Channing Frye trolls ex-Warrior Andre Iguodala, says he needs to get job

Iguodala replied to Frye with a funny comment that is not suitable for this space ... Have a sharpie in your hand, uncapped, and the item you want to be signed easily accessible. Players don’t sign ...
Posted: December 13, 2019, 10:02 am
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