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Moldova Net Worth is 2,500 GDP/Capital ($). Moldova i/mE?E?lE?doE?vE?/, officially the Republic of Moldova (Moldovan/Romanian: Republica Moldova pronounced [reE?publika molE?dova]) is a landlocked nat. Moldova i/mE?E?lE?doE?vE?/, officially the Republic of Moldova (Moldovan/Roman...

Moldova Net Worth is 2,500 GDP/Capital .

Moldova Net Worth is 2,500 GDP/Capital . Moldova i/mE?E?lE?doE?vE?/, officially the Republic of Moldova is a landlocked nat Moldova i/mE?E?lE?doE?vE?/, officially the Republic of Moldova is a landlocked nation in Eastern Europe located between Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east, and south. The capital city is ChiE?inA?u. It declared itself an independent state with the same boundaries as the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1991 as part of the dissolution of the Soviet Union. On July 29, 1994, the new constitution of Moldova was adopted. A strip of Moldova's internationally recognized territory on the east bank of the river Dniester has been under the de facto control of the breakaway government of Transnistria since 1990.
The nation is a parliamentary republic with a president as head of state and a prime minister as head of government. Moldova is a member state of the United Nations, Council of Europe, WTO, OSCE, GUAM, CIS, BSEC and other international organizations. Moldova currently aspires to join the Eur...
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Moldova Latest News

USD 10 mln for RFE/RL, Voice of America ‘to counter Russian propaganda’

A bill passed by the U.S. Senate’s foreign relations committee authorizes $10 million in annual funding focused on countering Russian “propaganda” in Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova, RFE/RL reports. The authorization is part of the Ukraine Freedom ...
Posted: September 19, 2014, 3:07 pm

War Drums Get Louder in Eastern Europe

As Russia continues to pour more military assets into the newly-annexed Crimea, concerns are that a bigger push into Ukraine and, possibly, Moldova may follow. Earlier this week, Romania’s Prime Minister, and frontrunner in the country’s November ...
Posted: September 19, 2014, 9:44 am

Senate Committee Backs Major Non-NATO Ally Status For Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine

(Civil.Ge) — The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed unanimously on September 18 the Ukraine Freedom Support Act – the bill, which designates Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia as “major non-NATO allies.” If backed by Congress and enacted ...
Posted: September 19, 2014, 10:35 am

Why this Ukraine ceasefire will stick

Borders were forcibly changed in the breakup of Yugoslavia, the Turkish invasion of Northern Cyprus and the “frozen conflicts” in Moldova, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Finally, what about the economic consequences for Russia and Ukraine? For Ukraine ...
Posted: September 19, 2014, 9:38 am

Annual Military Exercise Takes on New Meaning for Ukraine Troops

Georgia and Moldova. The 12-day exercise focuses on combat skills like patrolling, countering improvised explosive devices, convoy operations, urban warfare and emergency medical evacuation. Ukraine is not a NATO member, but in a speech to a joint meeting ...
Posted: September 19, 2014, 5:59 am
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