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Samuel Peter
Samuel Peter Net Worth is $5 Million. A Nigerian boxer, Samuel Okon Peter, or known in the ring as "The Nigerian Nightmare", has a net worth of $5 million. Samuel Peter gained his net worth by being an American based heavyweight boxer and former WBC. Samuel Okon Peter (born Sept...

Samuel Peter Net Worth is $5 Million.

Samuel Peter Net Worth is $5 Million. A Nigerian boxer, Samuel Okon Peter, or known in the ring as "The Nigerian Nightmare", has a net worth of $5 million. Samuel Peter gained his net worth by being an American based heavyweight boxer and former WBC Samuel Okon Peter , nicknamed "The Nigerian Nightmare," is a professional heavyweight boxer and the former WBC heavyweight champion.
Peter rose to prominence as a professional fighter following a string of spectacular knockout wins in his early career, at a time when the division was fragmented. He has won a portion of the heavyweight crown and scored notable wins over: James Toney and Oleg Maskaev. Samuel Peter is also the only man to have been defeated by both Klitschko brothers .
Originally, Peter's preferred sport was soccer. In 1992, some boxers came to Peter's school to train. The curious young 11-year-old stopped by and asked if he could train along with them. He was put up against an experienced amateur and knocked him out. This marked the beginning of a successful amateur career for Peter.
Samuel Peter won the Nigerian amateur heavyweight championship and the Africa Zone 3 Heavyw...
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Statement issued on behalf of Samuel Peter Culling’s family

"The family are lost for words at the moment, we truly cannot believe this has happened to our Sam. It's an absolutely horrendous situation and so difficult to fathom. We appreciate your thoughts and ...
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ORTH, SAMUEL PETER (1 Aug. 1873-26 Feb. 1922), attorney, educator, lecturer, author, and historian, was born in Capiac, Mich., the son of German Evangelical clergyman Rev. John and Katharine Troeller ...
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