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Syria Net Worth is 4,800 GDP/Capital ($). Syria (/E?sE?riE?/ ( listen) SIRR-ee-E?a??; Arabic: ??U???U???a?? / ALA-LC: SA<

Syria Net Worth is 4,800 GDP/Capital .

Syria Net Worth is 4,800 GDP/Capital . Syria SIRR-ee-E?a??; Arabic: ??U???U???a?? / ALA-LC: SA<In English, the name Syria was formerly synonymous with the Levant, known in Arabic as al-Sham, while the modern state encompasses the sites of several ancient kingdoms and empires, including the Eblan civilization of the third millennium BC. In the Islamic era, its capital city, Damascus, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, was the seat of the Umayyad Caliphate, and a provincial capital of the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt.
The modern Syrian stat...
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Syria Latest News

Pence Says Turkey Agreed to Temporary Cease-Fire in Syria

Following a day of negotiations, Vice President Mike Pence said Turkey agreed to a five-day cease-fire in Syria to allow Kurdish forces to withdraw, and in return the U.S. would pull back on economic ...
Posted: October 17, 2019, 1:08 pm

Turkey Agrees to Pause Fighting, but Not to Withdraw Forces From Northern Syria

ANKARA, Turkey — Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday agreed to a deal with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that accepted a Turkish military presence in a broad part of northern Syria in exchange for ...
Posted: October 17, 2019, 3:59 pm

Turkey-Syria cease-fire: Senior US military source 'highly skeptical' of deal

A very senior U.S. military source who spent years designing the U.S. anti-ISIS strategy with both the Kurds and the Turks told Fox News on Thursday expressed skepticism about the Turkey-Syria ...
Posted: October 17, 2019, 2:10 pm

U.S. agrees to deal approving Turkish control of northern Syria

The U.S. and Turkey reached an agreement Thursday for a five-day cease-fire in Syria that will leave the Turks in control of a wide swath of Syrian territory, force U.S.-allied Kurdish militias to ...
Posted: October 17, 2019, 3:17 pm

Pence Says Turkey Will Pause Military Operations in Syria to Allow Kurds to Withdraw

ANKARA—Turkey has agreed to a five-day suspension of military activities in its incursion into Syria, allowing time for Kurdish forces to withdraw, and in return the U.S. will pull back on economic ...
Posted: October 17, 2019, 12:09 pm
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