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Native Name: tg/???????? ??????????, ''Cumhuriyi Tocikiston''
Conventional Long Name: Republic of Tajikistan
Common Name: Tajikistan
Image Flag: Flag of Tajikistan.svg
Image Coat: Coat of arms of Tajikistan.svg
Symbol Type: Emblem
Image Map: LocationTajikistan.svg
National Anthem: ''Surudi Milli'',
Official Languages: Tajik language''Constitution of Tajikistan'', November 6, 1994, Article 2.
Regional Languages: Russian language Ethnic Groups: 79.9% Tajik people, 2.6% other
Ethnic Groups Year: 2000
Capital: Dushanbe
Latd: 38 /latm
Largest City: Dushanbe
Demonym: Tajikistani Government Type: Unitary state Semi-presidential system
Leader Title 1: President of Tajikistan
Leader Name 1: Emomalii Rahmon
Leader Title 2: Prime Minister of Tajikistan
Leader Name 2: Oqil Oqilov
Legislature: Supreme Assembly (Tajikistan)
Upper House: Supreme Assembly (Tajikistan)
Lower House: Supreme Assembly (Tajikistan)
Sovereignty Type: Dissolution of the Soviet Union from the Soviet Union
Established Event 1: Declared
Established Date 1: September 9, 1991
Established Event 2: Completed
Established Date 2: December 25, 1991
Area Rank: 102nd
Area Magnitude: 1 E11
Area Km 2: 143,100
Area Sq Mi: 55,251
Percent Water: 1.8
Population Estimate: 7,616,000 Population Estimate Rank: 98th
Population Estimate Year: 2011
Population Census: 7,564,500
Population Census Year: 2010
Population Density Km 2: 48.6
Population Density Sq Mi: 125.8
Population Density Rank: 155th
GDP PPP: $16.221 billion GDP PPP Year: 2011
GDP PPP Per Capita: $2,066 GDP Nominal: $6.523 billion GDP Nominal Year: 2011
GDP Nominal Per Capita: $831 HDI Year: 2011
HDI: {{increase 0.607 HDI Rank: 127th
HDI Category: Gini: 33.59
Gini Year: 2004
Gini Category: Currency: Somoni
Currency Code: TJS
Time Zone: Tajikistan Time
Utc Offset: +5
Drives On: right
Cctld: .tj
Calling Code: 992
Tajikistan (i/tE?E?E?dE?iE?kE?stE?E?n/, /tE?E?dE?iE?kE?stA?n/, or /tA?E?dE?iE?kiE?stA?n/; ??? 3/4 O??,???,N?N?? 3/4 ? 1/2 [tE?dI?E?ikE?sE?tE?n]), officially the Republic of Tajikistan (Tajik: O?N?? 1/4 O?N?N??,?, ??? 3/4 O??,???,N?N?? 3/4 ? 1/2 , Cumhuriyi Tocikiston; Russian: ? ?uN???N????>>?,???? ?????????,???,N?N???? 1/2 , Respublika Tadzhikistan), is a mountainous landlocked country in Central Asia. It borders Afghanistan to the south, Uzbekistan to the west, Kyrgyzstan to the north, and China to the east. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan in Pakistan are separated from Tajikistan by the narrow Wakhan Corridor.
Most of Tajikistan's population belongs to the Persian-speaking Tajik ethnic group, who share language, culture and history with Afghanistan and Iran. Once part of the Samanid Empire, Tajikistan became a constituent republic of the Soviet Union in the 20th century, known as the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic (Tajik SSR). Mountains cover over 90% of this Central Asian republic.
After independence, Tajikistan suffered from a devastating civil war which lasted from 1992 to 1997. Since the end of the war, newly established political stability and foreign aid have allowed the country's economy to grow. Trade in commodities such as cotton, aluminium and uranium has contributed greatly to this steady improvement.
Tajikistan means the "Land of the Tajiks". The word Tajik was used by medieval Turks to refer to Iranian-speaking peoples.[citation needed] From the 11th century, the term referred to East Iranian people, but by the 15th century came to be applied to Persian speakers.[citation needed] In medieval Persian literature, Tajik appears as a synonym of "Persian".
As a self-designation, the term Tajik (Tajik: ??? 3/4 O??,??), has become acceptable only during the last decades of the 20th century, particularly as a result of Soviet administration in Central Asia. The term does not denote an ethnic group in the narrow sense, but remains a gene

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