How many Model 3 orders Tesla received in the first week after the Model 3 unveil event in Tesla design center in Los Angeles ? According to Elon Musk, Tesla received 115000 orders for Model 3 by the end of the Model 3 unveil event at 9 pm on March 31 2016. This number reached 253000 unit by the morning of Saturday April 2 2016. As shown in the following plot, it is expected that total number of Tesla Model 3 orders surpasses 300000 mark when Elon Musk tweets the final announcements in the first week of April.

Tesla Model 3 orders is expected to surpass 300000 by end of the first week of April 2016

Tesla Model 3 orders is expected to surpass 300000 by end of the first week of April 2016

Tesla Model 3 base price before rebates and discounts is $35000 and the Model 3 average price after inclusion of options is estimated at $42000. Here is how fast people have been putting the $1000 deposit down to order Tesla Model3. Elon Musk confirmed the delivery of the Model 3 in Fall 2017. Nonetheless considering previous Tesla performance in delivering Model X and Model S, mass production and first deliveries of Model 3 will most likely happen in the late 2018 and maybe even in 2019. The full option package price is expected to be close to $50000 US Dollars. Here is the first Video of the first Test drive of Tesla Model 3 in Hawthorne California :

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