Tesla Motors and Elon Musk unveiled the long awaited Tesla Model 3 on Thursday March 31 2016 at Tesla Motors’ design center in city of Hawthorne in California. The Model 3 is Tesla’s answer as the most anticipated mass market high tech electric car at an affordable price of $35000 US Dollars. Here is a collection of the first Tesla Model 3 photos from the Model 3 Unveil events.

While Model 3 is leveraging many of the learning from the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X developments, it is said to be a design from scratch in order to minimize the cost while delivering 5-star rating in design, quality, performance and usability. The Model 3 Chassis is made of steel but there are locations where Aluminum is used. The Tesla Model 3 is said to have an at least 215 miles range per charge and a 0 to 60 mph at or below 6 seconds. Tesla’s CEO and chief design Elon Musk proudly reported that nearly 120000 Model 3 orders were received in the first 24 hours and he is confident that Tesla Model 3 will ship in Fall 2017. This news indicates that Tesla Motors has received $120 million dollars in 24 hours to register these pre orders for Model 3. It is expected that Tesla Motors might receive more than 500000 pre-orders in the form of $1000 deposits by the end of Spring 2016. Assuming Tesla Motors overcomes the mass production scaling issues by the end of 2017 and assuming mass production at Tesla Giga Factory in Reno, Tesla Motors annual auto sales is then expected to grow from 100000 vehicles in 2016 to 500000 vehicles by 2019. Assuming average sales price of $45000, this corresponds to an expected annual revenue of $22 billion dollars by 2019 which using a price to sales ratio of 2 to 5 would justify a $44 billion to $110 billion dollars market cap for Tesla Motors in 2019. Here is the first Video of the first Test drive of Tesla Model 3 in Hawthorne California :

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