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Profession: Singer, Musician, Entrepreneur, Record producer, Singer-songwriter, Keyboard player, Keytarist
Date of Birth: Oct 14, 1958
Nicknames: Dolby, Thomas, Dolby Thomas, Thomas Morgan Robertson
Height: 1.67 m
Country: England
Thomas Dolby is an English musician and producer, with a net worth of $40 million. Thomas Dolby has earned his net worth as a performer of "New Pop' or 'New Wave"of the early eighties. Dolby was born in London, England, and lived or worked in France, Italy and Greece. He has worked in production and as a session musician.
Thomas Dolby (born Thomas Morgan Robertson; 14 October 1958) is an English musician and producer. Best known for his 1982 hit "She Blinded Me with Science", and 1984 single "Hyperactive!", he has also worked extensively in production and as a session musician.
Robertson was born in London, England, contrary to information in early 1980s press releases that reported his birthplace as Cairo, Egypt. His father, Martin Robertson, was an internationally distinguished professor of classical Greek art and archeology at the University of London and Oxford University, and in his youth Thomas lived or worked in France, Italy and Greece. He attended Abingdon School in 1975-76, completing his A Levels whilst there. Thomas Dolby spoke of his early musical experiences in a 2012 interview:
He later married actress Kathleen Beller in 1988; the couple have three children together.
Dolby is member #00001 of the current incarnation of the Flat Earth Society, a pseudoscientific group.
The Thomas Dolby stage name originated from a nickname that Thomas picked up around the age of 13. Thomas was always messing around with keyboards and tapes and the like, so his friends nicknamed him Dolby, which came from the name Dolby Laboratories. Later, when Thomas was 18 or 19 years old, British singer Tom Robinson was popular, so the then-Thomas Robertson chose to adopt the stage name "Thomas Dolby" when he began working professionally. Early publicity implied that "Dolby" was a middle name, and that the artist's full name was Thomas Morgan Dolby Robertson; this is not true, but he does sometimes informally go by the initials TMDR.
After the release of "She Blinded Me With Science", Dolby Laboratories expressed concern regarding the musician's stage name. Dolby's record label refused to make him change his name, and Dolby Labs didn't raise the issue again until later, presumably when the musician's soundtrack work came too close to Dolby Labs' noise-reduction involvement that was pro

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