Here are the top five net worth and financial news today that we believe you would be interested to know:

The main theme today is that a billion dollar valuation ( aka Unicorn startups) is not any more an eye-popping event in Silicone Valley today.  Well, it used to be up until 2014 … here is why:

News 1 : Snapchat is seeking to raise $500 million Dollars in financing with nearly $20 billion Dollar valuation.  Remember the $3 billion Dollar purchase offer from Facebook ?  Snapchat burn rate seems to be in the $40 to $50 million Dollars per month range.

News 2 : Pinterest is also seeking $500 million Dollars financing at a $11 billion Dollars valuation!   This is despite the mere $50 million Dollar revenue of Pinterest in 2014 !

Alright, we share the same “what the f going-on?” feeling with you at this point … so don’t blame yourselves. But wait things are going to get way more crazier:

News 3 :  Uber received an additional $1 billion Dollars in financing from eager investors at a astonishing $40 billion Dollar valuation!  That means Uber is now roughly at one third valuation of the Intel !

News 4 :  Fortune recently published an article enlisting 80 private companies (startups) with at least $1 billion Dollar valuations in early 2015!   A good sign of a 2000-style tech bubble one would say.

News 5 : Venture Capital Investments in internet and web companies increased at an unbelievable 67% rate to $19.6 billion Dollars in 2014 albeit number of deals only increased by 7% compared to 2013.

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