Here are the top five net worth and financial news today that we believe you would be interested to know:

News 1 : The U.S. with 537 billionaires and China with 430 billionaires dominate the list of billionaires in 2015, collectively accounting for almost half of the world’s 2,089 billionaires.

News 2 : Bill Gates is the richest man on the Billionaires list in early 2015 with a fortune of $85 billion US Dollars, followed by Carlos Slim with $82 billion and Warren Buffett with $76 billion. Collectively their wealth total $244 billion, equivalent to $100,000 earned a minute over the past year !

News 3 :  China’s 25 richest people are up $21.3 billion for the year 2014. China has added more billionaires in 2014 than any other country.

News 4 :  China IPO frenzy is creating Billionairs at a record rate in 2015.  By mid Feb 2015 (in just less than 2 months) , China has added nearly 25 billionaires, many of whom through initial public offerings (IPO) at a rate not seen since the crazy IPO market of the late 1990s. Among the new billionaires are a Chinese airline, a video-game developer and a drug-store chain.

News 5 : In 2015, for the first time ever, India has more billionaires than any other country except for the U.S. and China. There are now 97 Indian billionaires compared to 93 Russians billionaires. Indian billionaires have a combined fortune of $266 billion and most of them have accumulated their wealth in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors.

Here is also an interesting statistics from Hurun regarding the cities with most billionaires:

cities with most billionaires

cities with most billionaires



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