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Full Name: Chinese name: Zhu (?), Chinese given name: Qizhen (??)
Succession: Emperor of China
Reign: 7 February 1435 – 1 September 1449Captured by the Mongols, he was succeeded by his brother Jingtai Emperor who conferred on him the title Taishang Huang (???), a title reserved for the retired emperors and which he held until 1457.
Predecessor: Xuande Emperor
Successor: Jingtai Emperor
Era Dates: Zhengtong (??): 18 January 1436 – 13 January 1450, (??): 15 February 1457 – 26 January 1465
Succession 2: Emperor of China
Reign 2: 11 February 1457 – 23 February 1464
Predecessor 2: Jingtai Emperor
Successor 2: Chenghua Emperor
Succession 1: Retired Emperor (title) of China
Reign 1: 1 September 1449 – 11 February 1457
Reign 1-type: Tenure
Spouse: Empress Xiao Zhuang Rui, Empress Xiao Su
Issue: Princess Chongqing, two unnamed daughters
Temple Name: Ming Dynasty Yingzong , ???
Posthumous Name: '''Emperor''' Fatian Lidao Renming Chengjing Zhaowen Xianwu Zhide Guangxiao '''Rui''' , ????????????????'''???'''
House: Ming Dynasty
Father: Xuande Emperor
Mother: Empress Xiao Gong Zhang
Birth Date: 1427/11/29
Death Date: 1464/2/23/1427/11/29
Place Of Burial: Yuling, Ming Dynasty Tombs, Beijing
Zhu Qizhen ( 29 November 1427 a?? 23 February 1464) was an emperor of the Ming Dynasty. He ruled as the Zhengtong Emperor (ae-?cu? IPA: [tE?E?I?A?tE?E?I?A?]) from 1435 to 1449, and as the Tianshun Emperor (a?(C)e ?) from 1457 to 1464. His first era name means "Right governance" and the second one means "Obedient to Heaven".
Zhu Qizhen was the son of the Xuande Emperor Zhu Zhanji and his second wife, Empress Sun. At the beginning of Zhengtong's reign, the Ming Dynasty was prosperous and at the height of its power as a result of Xuande Emperor's able administration. Zhengtong's accession at the age of eight made him the first child emperor of the dynasty hence Zhengtong was easily influenced by others, especially the eunuch Wang Zhen. Zhengtong completely relied on Wang for advice and guidance.
At the age of 22, in 1449, he was imprisoned by the Mongols when, advised by Wang Zhen, he personally directed and lost the Battle of Tumu Fortress against the Mongols under Esen taishi (d.1455). His capture by the enemy force shook the Ming dynasty to its core and the ensuing crisis almost caused the dynasty to collapse had it not been for the capable governing of a prominent minister named Yu Qian. Although Zhengtong was a prisoner of the Mongols, he became a good friend to both Tayisung Khan Toghtoa Bukha (1416a??1453) and his grand preceptor (taishi) Esen. Meanwhile, to calm the crisis at home, his younger brother Zhu Qiyu was installed as the Jingtai Emperor. This reduced Zhengtong's imperial status and he was granted the title of "grand emperor".
The Zhengtong Emperor was released one year later in 1450 but when he returned to China, he was immediately put under house arrest by his brother for almost seven years. He resided in the southern palace of the Forbidden city and all outside contacts were severely curtailed by the Jingtai Emperor. Zhengtong's son (later Chenghua Emperor) was stripped of the title of crown prince and replaced by Jingtai's own son. This ac

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