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Ye or Yecheng (simplified Chinese: ??????; traditional Chinese: ??????; pinyin: Y??ch?(C)ng; Wade???Giles: Yeh4-ch'eng2) was an ancient Chinese city located in what is now Linzhang County, Handan, Hebei province and neighbouring Anyang, Henan province.
Ye was first built in the Spring and Autumn Period by Duke Huan of Qi, and by the time of the Warring States period the city belonged to the state of Wei. Ye was a political and economic center of China during the Three Kingdoms Period and Northern Dynasties. It served as the military headquarters of the warlords Yuan Shao and Cao Cao in the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty.
In the 490s, Emperor Xiaowen of Northern Wei, also known as Xiao Wendi, moved his capital from Pingcheng (??????, in modern Datong, Shanxi) to the former capital city of Luoyang. This move was not welcomed by all. Antagonism grew between Xiao Wen Di and his sinicized court and those who preferred to cling to the traditional Tuoba tribal ways, and it only increased with further changes calling for the abandonment of Tuoba dress and names. Eventually, under the leadership of Gao Huan ("the Chinese general who had all but become a Tuoba Turk in outlook"), the sinicization-dissenting 'northern garrisons' mutinied and captured Luoyang in 534. "At three days' notice its inhabitants were required to accompany Gao Huan to his own base, the city of Ye...where he declared himself the first Eastern Wei emperor." "During most of the sixth century Ho-pei [Hebei] [was] the heart of an independent state with its capital at Yeh [Ye]...." It remained the capital of the Eastern Wei Dynasty and the Northern Qi Dynasty until it was razed to the ground in 580, after Yang Jian, founder of the Sui Dynasty, defeated a resistance force led by Yuchi Jiong, which used Ye as a base of operations.
Some scholars, such as Ku Chi-kuang believed that Hebei and the region continued to harbour separatist sympathies into the Tang Dynasty; it was the region from which A

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Ye Cheng Latest News

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Cheng and Liu, who had both been regular fixtures in the media ... recovered from a serious illness in between filming early episodes of the TV drama. For Ye, change is still under way at Didi.
Posted: June 4, 2019, 5:43 pm

Darwin port’s sale is a blueprint for China’s future economic expansion

At the time the new owner, billionaire Ye Cheng, claimed the Darwin port deal was “our involvement in One Belt, One Road”. This was discounted by some commentators as hyperbole, an attempt to curry ...
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National no. 1 spot not on Vivian-Cheng Wen’s minds after upset of Thai pair

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